In terms of photography, Boudoir is a style of a shoot, usually done in hotel suites, outdoors or in the home. Outfits and poses can vary, from just a sexy outfit to lingerie. 




I am thrilled that you are interested in boudoir 
photography! I like to think of it as an extended 
spa day – but better! A boudoir session is better 
because you get to take home images that remind 
you everyday of how amazing you truly are!

 Overall I want to create images that you would be proud 
of. At every shoot 
I strive to give you a good mix of tasteful & timeless with 
a few sexy ​scandalous photos sprinkled in as well. 

If at the end of our day together you feel sophisticated, 
seductive & sexy then I have succeeded at my job. I 
love the entire process of boudoir photography
 from beginning to end & enjoy assisting you every step of the way.

​There’s many reasons why women choose to do boudoir photography:

- To use photographs as a gift for a significant other.
- Brides looking for a unique gift to surprise the groom. 
- To celebrate a milestone - like a 30th, 40th or even 60th birthday. 
- Mothers-to-be looking to document their pre-baby body. 
- As a gift for a lover on Valentine Day!
- Or simply just to remind yourself that you’ve still got that sassy side in you. ​

With all the daily tasks women face – life gets pretty hectic! I truly feel that every woman deserves to take a break from the hustle of life, be a little selfish,
 indulge and do something totally outside of your comfort zone!

When booking a Boudoir session with me, you will have an amazing time. I keep everything light, and make it a fun time for all. All sessions come with hair and makeup and images included in price.

Sessions start at $699
Most clients spend about $800 with me for this type of session.